Jordan Belfort Net Worth: Wiki, Facts you need to know about

Jordan Belfort a former stockbroker, an author and a motivational speaker whose epic fall from grace with a thunderous sound saw him turn from a net worth figure of $100 million to a debt of an equivalent value.

Suddenly he rose into power amassed an incredible wealth controversially and in an illegal means and wasn’t long before the whole web of deceit couldn’t hold anymore and the fraud he is was exposed. Let’s get to know more about Jordan Belfort net worth 2018 and a few things you probably don’t know about him.

Biography & Career

Jordan Ross Belfort is the son of Max Belfort and Leah Belfort who moiled as accountants. He was born in1962 in Bronox, New York and was bred by his Jewish parents in Bayside, Queens. During his high school days, he used to sell ice cream together with his friend where they made around $20,000. Upon graduating from high school, he joined America University for a degree in Biology. Jordan has been in two marriages; the first one was with Denise Lombardo whom he divorced after few years. He later wedded a model named Nadine Caridi and they were blessed with two kids where in 2005, the two divorced. Currently he is engaged to Anne Koppe.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth 2018-2019

Jordan started off as a meat and fish vendor delivering in people’s doorstep and within no time his small business grew to a point of employing a large workforce. Things dint go so well and he filed for bankruptcy. He got a job as a stockbroker with L.F Rothschild but in 1987 he was laid off after Black Monday stock market crash.

His breakthrough in life came after founding Stratton Oakmont which swindled investors and advertised penny bonds. His firm did well to a point of grossing over $1 billion since it was involved in drug trafficking and fraud. Due to its notoriety it was targeted to be restricted by law and was later closed down in 1996. Jordan was also imprisoned and asked to pay back half of what he had defrauded from others which was estimated to be over $110 million.

Jordan began his writing career while he was in jail. His books, ‘Catching the Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ which are based on a movie, has debuted in over 40 nations and has been interpreted in more than 18 accents. Currently, Jordan is pursuing his career in motivation speaking which he started since 2014, his topics mostly being business related.

On awards & achievements: Jordan has not received any official award yet but his books are best sellers and amazingly the characters who have used his book in films have won many awards.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Jordan Belfort net worth stands at -$100 million as of today. Back in the day Jordan Belfort net worth would have been estimated to be $200 million but since he was later charged with fraud and tax evasions and other charges he loosed everything he had no wonder the negative value in his net worth figures.

Today Jordan makes some income from his books and its pretty a descent one considering some of the films are based on it. To add on Jordan Belfort net worth value he does also make some cash through motivational speaking gigs where its reported he can make around $80,000 per gig.

7 Facts You Need To Know About Jordan Belfort

Wonders never seas considering that “The Wolf of Wall Street” a man who was once a multi-millionaire is today in debt of $100 the 1990, s Belfort was a successful stockbroker con -artists and managed to fraud investors over $200 million. So other than what you know what other facts don’t you know about Jordan Belfort.

1. Believe it or not Jordan used to make $50 million a year and it was once reported that he could make $12 million in just a matter of minutes.

2. He was once served with $700,00 hotel bill.

3. His drug choice was Quaaludes.

4. He confessed that he made love to his wife on a $3 million which was stacked on $10,000 notes.

5. Do you know that he once sank his own motor yacht which had a helicopter and a seaplane when he took the yacht into a Mediterranean storm.

6. He became a police informer when he was in jail helping police take down his coworkers.

7. His first wall street bonus was used in the purchasing of a white Ferrari.

Jordan Belfort net worth which reads a negative value should serve as a warning to those involved in crimes especially fraud because sooner or later the law will catch up with you and you will be done.

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