Chelsea Clinton Net Worth: Wiki, Facts you need to know about

Chelsea Clinton other than being a business lady she is known for being the only daughter and a child to Bill Clinton a former Unites States president and Hillary Clinton a former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate.

She has been brought up with the taste of power and of course everything she wanted in her life. However, she is not the type that depends with the wealth of their parents and just seats in the couch waiting for some inheritance but she is a go getter, ambitious, hardworking woman crafting her own path. have you ever wondered what Chelsea Clinton net worth might be? How she acquired such a fortune? What you might not know about Chelsea Clinton? Well keep reading it’s all here.

Biography & Career

Chelsea Victoria Clinton hails from Little Rock, Arkansas where he was born in 1980 at the time her father was a governor. She is the daughter of Hillary Clinton a former first lady who lost the 2016 US presidency and Bill Clinton who was once the US president. Chelsea Clinton is quite educated as she has a BA in History from Sandford’s master degrees one from Oxford (master in International relations) and another one from Columbia University ( Master in Public Health) in addition she acquired a Doctorate in International Relations from Oxford . Clinton got married to her long-time sweetheart Marc Mezvinsky in 2010 and they have two children; Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky (born 2014) and Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky (born 2016).

Chelsea Clinton Net Worth 2018-2018

As president’s daughter she opted to work like others and not to rely on her parent’s wealth. Chelsea’s first job was in 2003 at McKinsey & Company which was an advisory company. In 2006, she became the head of her establishment, ‘Clinton Foundation’. She later got another job in 2011 for a contract which she did as per time while still studying and doing other businesses. Later that year she went on to manage her family’s company ‘Bill, Hillary $ Chelsea Clinton’ which gave chances to women in the society. Apart from her profession, she is also a writer and has written several books among them It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired and Get Going! (2015) and She Persisted (2017).

Coming from a political background, she campaigned for her mother in the last presidential elections but unfortunately her mother, Hillary Clinton lost the seat to Donald trump who is now the US president. Recently there were some rumours that she also wants to join politics following the paths of her parents.

On Awards and Achievements: The fact that she has a BA in History, A master’s degree in public health, MPhil degree in international relations and DPhil degree in International Relations that alone is an achievement as an academic giant.

Chelsea Clinton Net Worth

Chelsea Clinton net worth stands at $15 million as of the day of writing. Chelsea Clinton net worth has been largely contributed by her venture into entrepreneurship. Her various businesses which are named after her ‘Clinton Global Initiative’ and ‘Clinton Foundation’ also adds up a dollar on her bank increasing her net worth. She is also paid yearly for being a member of the Expedias organization. Her other companies Avenue Capital Group and McKinsey & Company also plays a big role in boosting Chelsea Clinton net worth.

7 Facts You Need To Know About Chelsea Clinton

Being the daughter of a former president, and your mother has been the secretary of state and also runs for the president, well your life must be on the public eye. However, Chelsea has been rigorously protected from scrutiny by her powerful parents but lately the media attention has intensified.

1. Her dorm room looked nothing like yours or mine. It had been sealed with bulletproof glass and she still got protection from the secret service who posed like students in all the four years she was in Stanford.

2. Her wedding was nothing close to a ceremony of a happy gathering since the area was off grid with insane security, but what do you expect when the guest list comprises of several presidents and former presidents and in addition current government administration.

3. Chelsea’s name was adopted or rather inspired from “Chelsea Morning” a song by Joni Mitchell.

4. Talking of naming kids, her two kids are named after two characters from “Sex and the City” television film Aidan and Charlotte.

5. The secret service used to give her a code name “Energy” due to her active nature when she was young.

6. Long before Trump and Hilary turned politics to Godzilla and King Kong contest Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton were genuine friends but looking at the nastiness and vitriol of the campaign I don’t think they can mend the rift.

7. Do you know Chelsea usually considers running for office of the president? Yes, one day she might just do that.

Chelsea Clinton is a good example of a person with a humble personality. Despite her prominence, she works hard in life regardless of her background and doesn’t rely on her parent’s wealth. Due to her determination, Chelsea Clinton net worth figures will definitely increase in the near future.

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